Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guinea Pigs and Dogs

Can guinea pigs and dogs get along with one another? Some dog breeds are more suited to this than others. Here is a list of how different kinds of breeds of dogs get along with guinea pigs (generally, this is only true for the majority of dogs).

  • Sporting breeds, like terriers and hounds. They are likely to view a guinea pig as prey and be tempted to hunt it. But they can be trained not to.
  • Herding/working dogs, like collies. These dogs might like to protect the guinea pig from harm and herd it.
  • Toy breeds, like poodles. They might think of the guinea pig as an equal because of their similar size and get along well with it, or simply ignore it.
If your dog has trouble withthe guinea pig introduce them to each other in neutralterritory with you close at hand. If you have any further inquiries, just leave a comment. You don't need a Google Account, anyone can comment as "Anonymous" or whatever you want.

Don't leave your guinea pig alone with your dog unless you are very sure they get along well.

Guinea Pig and Dog Meeting

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